Welcome to Neuro-Integrative Connectivity’s documentation!

The Neuro-Integrative Connectivity (NIC) was developed to enable users with little computational experience to perform efficient network analysis on SEEG data to investigate epilepsy in patients. This documentation has been created to walk you through the steps necessary to calculate the supported network analysis measures and interpret the results as effortlessly as possible.

How to Use NIC and this Documentation

There are two editions of the NIC system.

  1. NIC Server Edition (at https://bmhinformatics.case.edu/nicworkflow)
The Server Edition is only for use with data on the CWRU servers in the Population and Quantitative Health Sciences department and UH Epilepsy Center.
  1. NIC Docker Container (at https://hub.docker.com/r/vsocrates/nicworkflow)
The Docker Container can be downloaded from the public repository and run on any platform with your own data. Additional instructions can be found at Setting up NIC on Docker.