Step 4: Calculation of Network Analysis Measures

Once we calculate our coupling measures, we can create an adjacency matrix representation to better draw conclusions about our coupled electrodes created in step 3. See more detailed information regarding these summary metrics at Summary Metrics Of Network Graphs.

You will be taken to a form that looks like the following:

Network Analysis Inputs
Input Description
Name of Seizure Event The name you’d like to output for the seizure event
Full Path of Correlation Metric File This is the full path of the correlation metric file you produced in step 3.
Network Analysis Measures The list of network analysis measures you’d like to calculate
Coupling Measures The coupling measures you’d like to perform the network analysis on
Output File This will produce a file with delimited tables for each of the network analyses and coupling measures selected.

You will fill out the network analysis form on the left side of the page and the outputs will be displayed on the right once they are calculated. You are also able to download a text/csv version of this output for your analysis later.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed use of the NIC system.

There are a few other features such as rerunning previous runs that you should feel free to play around with.